When arriving at the Historic Cleland Plantation which is sweeped in culture history dated as far back the 1800 with its dark past being previously owned by The Famous Bendict Cumberbatch seventh great-grandfather, .Enjoy the now natural and peaceful settings while on horseback. Taking in breathtaking views of the entire east coast before returning to back the histrocal building which has been turned into a home for our horses while persevering the original structure.

What’s Included

♦ 30 -45 mins Scenic Heritage Tour

♦ Complimentary 6 pack of Banks Beer


For 2


Bookings are available Monday to Sunday, year-round.
Open Mon-Fri: 8am-12pm, Sat and Sun: 8am-12pm, closed between 12pm-2pm.
Weight Limit And Height Restrictions (Please contact us for more details)
Bookings can be made via phone or email.
All dates are subject to availability.
Horseback riding is considered a high risk sport and though we take necessary safety precautions, clients experience our tours at their own risk.