Love, Happiness & Experiences of a lifetime! This is what HAPPYBBOX is all about!

I am Jackie,  the owner of HAPPYBBOX. I visited Barbados on vacation with my husband and we both fell in love with this wonderful island. After living in many places around the world, we decided to stay and wanted to create something that would make people (and us) happy!

My husband wanted to open a French Bakery and I decided to create gift boxes with an extensive collection of unforgettable experiences, ensuring that there’s a gift for everyone.

I first went to visit places all over the island in order to insert very different experiences inside the boxes. I met enthusiastic people, passionate of what they were doing and very concerned about customer relationship. I thank all of them for trusting me on this very new concept. Some of them became friends along the way and still are!

Then I found a graphic designer and a printing company, both based here in Barbados. We all had the aim of making these boxes and books as attractive as possible.

Why HappyBBox?

First, “HAPPY” is a famous song by Pharrell Williams everybody knows by now and very popular in 2014: this was the song we used on our wedding day. This song always brings enchanting memories for both of us & it follows us in our day to day life to keep us “happily ever after”.

B is because all the experiences are taking place in this beautiful island of Barbados. This box is a way of showing everybody how much this island has to offer and how nice and professional people are.

… and Box because this gift is shown in wonderful different boxes depending on the theme you choose. It is very easy to wrap even though the box itself can make a beautiful gift as is.



HAPPYBBOX is then a mixture of, a new life full of love, a discovering of new places and a lot of chance along the way, meeting wonderful and helpful people to make this project as it is.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful experience as much as I did, meeting my partners and so many other nice people & places in Barbados!



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