Do you and your partner yearn for more connection and intimacy?
Many of us are starving for deeper intimacy and connection, yet are not taught how to be successful in relationships or given a book on how to make love.
Now you can learn the Ancient Tantra Path to sacred sexuality, which (re)ignite the passion within your relationship. You’ll see how this then improves every area in your life.

What’s Included

♦ Coaching and Practices for in and out bedroom
♦ Consultation on what you both want – does it align?
♦ Love test


For 2


Your voucher is valid for ten months
Bookings are available Tuesday to Thursday and Saturday,
Tuesday to Thursday 9.30am-3.30pm Saturday 11am -5pm Bookings can be made via telephone or email
All dates are subject to availability
ALL practices are performed fully clothed. There is no sexual activity. You learn how to connect and receive at home practices