Learn simple yet powerful practices of Tantra and Vinyasa Yoga to help you to feel more alive and confident within your body, mind and soul. Michelle teaches a unique practice to awaken your inner feminine resources so can tap into them in your everyday life. Feel more empowered, confident, full of energy and more importantly release self doubt and fears.
++bonus receive feminine embodiment coaching and ancient Tantra practices made super modern weaved into every yoga practice!

What’s Included

♦ 1-1 or 1-2 45 minute Tantra Yoga Session


For 1 or 2


Your voucher is valid for ten months
Bookings are available Tuesday to Thursday and Saturday,
Tuesday to Thursday 9.30am-3.30pm Saturday 11am -5pm Bookings can be made via telephone or email
All dates are subject to availability
ALL practices are performed fully clothed. There is no sexual activity. You learn how to connect and receive at home practices